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Last 10 days for Free Category

Last 10 days for the "Free Category" register On 31.03.2018, "Free Category" registry are ending....

1 year ago

G·T·U will take place in IT Valley

IT Valley has become our sponsor for G.T.U. (Get up, Think out, Unify) Category. G.T.U. Category will actualize in IT Valley which is the Silicone Valley of Turkey. ...

1 year ago

Category Recordings Started

Our category records begin. You can register your entries on the Competitor...

1 year ago

Kelebek Robotics Olympics

The 1st International GTU Kelebek Robot Olympics organized by GTU Robotics and Automation Club within the scope of Gebze Technical University will take place on 6-7-8 April 2018.

1 year ago

Competitor Panel Opened

Our contestant panel has been opened....

1 year ago

Category Rules

Category rules announced....

1 year ago

Software and Design

KelebekRO Informatics Team